A player of Sorority Life can vote for any other player once a day. One button (at the catwalk) lets you vote for 25 at once, but does not let you choose them.

Each vote gains the recipient $50.

Tip from experienced player Love Jem:

"VFA 1 of 2: Logged on FB.. Go to On left of page scroll down to "Vote for All" and click button. Scroll down to links, instal Greasemonky, download and restart Firefox. Back to VFA page, scroll down and click on Aficianado add-on link. Install. Takes 10 secs.
"VFA 2 of 2 Reload SL then it takes 1 min for app to appear in header under Sorority Life. Click on double bars to pause, then click on wheel to customize your message if so desired. Click "Neglect" and "Restart" Buttons and Save. Click arrow to unpause & run the monkey"